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Leadership is a skill requiring courage, passion, honesty, and humility, all while being fair and consistent. Leaders have the ability to make or break an experience for an employee, which in turn, has a significant impact on the business. We’re here to help build foundational skills that empower impactful and revered leaders.


Improved leadership skills result in:

  • Increased productivity of employees

  • Improved employee innovation and creativity

  • Greater employee morale

  • Lower employee turnover rate

Examples of concepts and content:

  • The Leader - When and how we lead​

  • The Team - Creating lasting, impactful relationships

  • The Business - Know your role​

  • The Brand - Know your brand​

  • The Change - Empowering creativity​

  • The Motivation - Our actions stem from our motivations​

  • The Inspiration - How to not be a dream crusher

  • The Experience - The environment we create​

  • The Learning - Become a master​

  • The Opportunities - Taking and giving chances

  • The Time​ Purpose, intention, priorities, and planning

  • The Communication - Giving and receiving with our words






Employees want to be great at their jobs, and have room to grow. Companies need to provide consistent development opportunities so their employees feel supported. We help build a forward-thinking approach in how you develop your employees toward their professional goals.

Increased support and development result in:

  • Increased employee motivation

  • Improved employee confidence and efficiency

  • Greater ability to take on new responsibilities

  • Lower employee turnover rate

Examples of concepts and content:

  • Business - Be knowledgeable about your business​

  • Brand - Be an ambassador​

  • Teamwork - Engagement and encouragement​

  • Communication - Considerate feedback

  • Motivation & Inspiration - Importance of impact​

  • Goal - Go confidently towards what you want

  • Value - Intention, impact, and importance​

  • Learn - Understand and promote different styles​

  • Change - Buy-in and delivery​

  • Opportunity - Boundaries and risks​

  • Challenge - Talents and frustrations

  • Time - Leave room for the unplanned​






Without happy customers, there is no happy business. Great customer service is built by employees being ambassadors of the brand. This requires passion, engagement, and knowledge. Doing the fair thing for the customer is the right thing for the business. We teach you how to authentically care about your customers. 


Higher customer satisfaction results in:

  • Increased sales revenue

  • Higher customer retention

  • More positive word-of-mouth advertising

  • Improved environment for customers and employees

Examples of concepts and content:

  • The Business & The Brand - Be an ambassador​

  • How We Best Serve Our Customer -Using your resources and options​

  • Words Matter - Navigating conversations​

  • Customers are People Too - No one is perfect, learn to not take it personally

  • Little Moments Matter - Small moments can make a big impact

  • Surprise & Delight - Have fun!​

  • Your Representation - Be proud of your work

  • Your Experience, Their Experience - Enjoy your time


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