We offer consulting to individuals, teams, and entire companies.

We always begin with the initial consultation.



Meet with a consultant to explore how we can help. We’ll follow-up with a proposal identifying the actions and trainings most beneficial to you and your company’s success.

2 hours- FREE!

individual consulting

Work one-on-one with an expert consultant to go over the topics selected, based on the proposal.

1-2 Hours/Week

applications & integration

Time to apply what you just learned! We’ll be by your side to help you adopt and implement these new ideas.

1-2 Hours/Week

team building

New team or seasoned team, we dedicate time to elevating and re-energizing the co-working dynamic.

1-2 Hours/Month


Choose from a variety of workshop topics and time frames. Need a workshop for your team to improve customer service? Book the two-hour course. Have employees in new leadership positions? Book the four-hour course. Need something shorter or longer? We adapt to whatever your needs may be! 


“The Experience We Create as Leaders”

A positive employee experience is critical for increasing productivity, improving innovation, boosting morale, and lowering the employee turnover rate. In this workshop, we’ll talk about immediate actions leaders can take to improve the experience for those around them.

“Don’t Be a Dream Crusher: How to empower instead of reject”

We've all been there. Someone important to us (manager, co-worker, friend, family member, etc.) doesn't like an idea we bring up. Their response to our idea can make us adjust our sail, or sink the ship. In this workshop, learn how to empower creativity among your team instead of  rejecting their suggestions.

Choose between

1-4 Hours

employee development

“It’s All About Style”

Understanding our unique styles is vital to building relationships. In this workshop, learn about management styles, communication styles, behavior styles, and more. You'll leave this workshop knowing how to adapt to your audience, leading to improved relationships and productivity. 

“Find Time for Your Passions”

We all work better when we're passionate about what we do. So, what happens when our current job isn't our number one passion? Learn how to incorporate people's joys and motivations into their work, so everyone is happier. 

Choose between

1-4 Hours

customer service

“To Say or Not to Say… We Have the Answer”

No one is perfect. We all have our moments when we don't say or do the right thing. However, we can learn how to quickly transform those moments into a positive customer experience. In this workshop, learn how to best serve your customers, even in the most trying of situations. 


“Serve How You Want to be Served”

We've all heard the phrase "treat people the way you want to be treated." Why not "serve people the way you want to be served?" You'll learn tips and tricks for giving the best service in your industry. 

Choose between

1-4 Hours

other services

Not sure where to begin? Want to go a more immersive route? Try these!

talent identification assessment

Have some employees who think they're ready for the next promotion, but you aren't as sure? Do you have employees that you think would be great leaders, but they aren't convinced? We sit down with your selected employees to evaluate their leadership, problem solving, and teamwork skills. In this multi-day event, they experience scenarios to which those skills are essential. Afterwards, feedback about their strengths and opportunities are shared with the employee and manager along with a plan for our suggested next steps.  

Multi-Day: 2+ Hours/Day

Exploring the New Employee Experience

The first several months are crucial to setting up new employees for success and establishing the foundation of long-term loyalty. We immerse an expert consultant in your onboarding process (interview, training, etc.) to evaluate how the experience could be improved. Time is spent strategically with both leaders and their teams to fully understand the new employee environment. Feedback and suggestions are then provided to the leadership team on how to elevate employee processes and the company culture.

2+ Hours/Week


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