Who we are

We’re people consultants helping you reach your summit.


We help you re-energize and elevate your brand by building up your foundation.


We are your advocate, your pro, your champion, and your fans. 



In a growing world of endless possibilities, we believe in the potential of people and their ability to reach great heights.

We are here to help build your foundation, and together, we climb.

Our values



Together We Bring…

Energy with our Passion.

We bring life to what we love, and share that with others.

Courage with our Curiosity.

We ask difficult questions, and thrive on challenging results.

Perseverance with our Innovation.

We appreciate that failure is part of success, and never stop evolving.

Responsibility with our Integrity.

We have honor in our excellence, and are proud of it.

…Together We Climb.


Meet Gina Baker, Founder & CEO. After a decade of supporting and developing those around her as a leader, she created Summit Connections with a simple philosophy in mind: teach others to be better at what they do so they can be happier with what they do.


Gina’s numerous years working as a leader at The Disneyland Resort gave her the training, foundation, and experience to not only grow personally, but to develop others as well.  While working at Disney, she learned to persevere through any challenge, support and promote those around her, to always be creative, and that the little moments can matter the most. During her first years at Disney, she simultaneously earned a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business with a minor in Italian at California State University Long Beach. After Disney, Gina worked as a leader for Starbucks where she continued to cultivate her understanding of how important the human connection is, no matter how small, even over a simple cup of coffee.


Throughout her leadership career, she designed and facilitated leadership development programs, management preparation courses, and mentoring programs. All while working as an active and involved leader in operations. With Summit Connections, Gina intends to work alongside you as your pro to help elevate and re-energize your LEADERSHIP, EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT, and CUSTOMER SERVICE.


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