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Through professional experience, education, and insight, we specialize in re-energizing and elevating your

We Develop People

We specialize in three core competencies that make or break any business: LEADERSHIP, EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT, and CUSTOMER SERVICE. These areas are foundational to your success; the basecamps before you reach your full potential.


Our LEADERSHIP BASECAMP builds foundational skills that empower leaders to boost morale and improve productivity in their employees.


Our EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT BASECAMP maximizes each individual’s sense of personal fulfillment and desire to remain with your company.


Our CUSTOMER SERVICE BASECAMP teaches authenticity in caring for your customers and building their loyalty.

LET uS set the path

We offer consulting to individuals, teams, and entire companies.


We focus on foundational principles that build a sought-after environment for both employees and customers: a place employees want to stay and customers want to return again and again.

Every path is different, as is our approach to your success. We will be your guide on this journey and, together, we will succeed.

Meet our founder

Gina Baker is Founder & CEO of Summit Connections. 

"I’m a realistic optimist, I’m a people person, I’m a believer, and I’m fearless.


I am passionate about creating environments where leaders are developed, employees choose to stay, and customers love to return."


What My fans say

what our fans say

       I saw a team rise together. I saw individuals set on the paths to their goals. I witnessed her personal attention in bettering myself. I’m not sure I can accurately describe what an honor it was to work with someone like Gina. I share my experiences that I had with her regularly and I’m excited to see more people benefit from her talent.

-Mitchell T.

       After being with our team for only a short time, Gina envisioned a leadership training program that would span two full quarters, and cover all of the company’s core leadership values, as well as feature insightful presentations from high-level and respected leaders throughout the company. 


Her commitment drove this initiative, and in short time those of us involved were excited to see this training continue week after week.

-John K.


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